We carry a wide-range of national and international products. From your favorite brands to exotic foods from all around the world, specially Latin American, that you won't find anywhere else!
Fresh Produce
Fresh array of Produce from all Latin America and the USA. From your regulars to Plantains, Yautia, Yucca and more! All at amazing low prices!
Fresh Meats
We cut our meats fresh everyday in-store. We also have a meat counter with select cuts and prepared meats you will love!
Fresh Hot Food
If you are looking for flavorful delicious food we have you covered. Our Buffet is open everyday! *Only at our Fayetteville location
Dairy & Frozen
Assorted with a wide range of favorite brands and international products! Enjoy a great variety of cheeses for all dishes and frozen hispanic foods like empanadas and tostones!
Fresh bakery with a wide arrange of goods from delicious Tres Leches Cakes to fresh authentic Mexican bread!