Big Car Raffle 2021!

Compare Foods Fayetteville and Spring Lake NC are doing a Big Raffle for 2021! We are giving away a completely new  Ford EcoSport 2020 SUV! And here is how you can win a brand new car in 2021!

When: 5:00 PM, March 21st, 2021

Where: Compare Foods at Spring Lake, NC

How to Participate: Anytime you visit any of our two locations you will receive one ticket to fill out COMPLETELY. If it's not filled out completely the ticket will be invalid. Tickets are available today! (You can enter a new ticket every time you visit us)

Prizes: New Ford EcoSport 2020, 55" TV, New Laptop, $200 Compare Food Gift Card.


- Tickes must be filled competely. If not they will be invalid.

- You must retain the receipt of the ticket to prove the validity if you win.

- If you lose your ticket receipt you must provide identification to prove that you are indeed the winner.

- If no proof is provided, or the winner cannot be reached within 7 days, a new winner will be drawn.

- The winner must pay all tax related or car registration expenses. Unable to do so will result in a new drawn.

- Winners do not need to be present at the drawn.

- Any conflict will be solved at goodwill. In case that's not possible it could be solved in the Cumberland, North Carolina County Courts.

- Purchases are not neccessary to participate.